This amazing 10-second TikTok hack will get creases out of clothes without an iron

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7 Mar 2022, 13:16

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

Throw those irons away! 

We love a TikTok hack, especially one that will save an insane amount of time. 

One clever TikToker called @shelbstales, who regularly shares hair and beauty tips as well as ‘lazy girl hacks’, has come up with an incredible stress-free way to get those annoying creases out of clothes. 

Check out the video here

All it takes is some water in a spray bottle and a hair dryer - and maybe 1 minutes to combine the two. 

In the video, @shelbstales takes the water, sprays it onto her creased jeans and then puts the hairdryer on full blast while smoothing down the fabric. 

The in-video caption reads: "Life hack: For the millennials without ironing boards and too lazy to use a steamer. Spray wrinkles with water and blow dry". 

Credit: TikTok (@shelbstales)

And that’s it - all you need to do to fix that wrinkled outfit without a second of ironing. 

TikTok hack fans have already gone mad for the clip, which has almost 2,000 likes. 

Commenters love the idea, with one writing: “This is absolutely brilliant”, while another said: “uhm I’ve never thought of this and it’s genius”.

A third added their own spin, and added: “If it’s warm out I don’t use a blow dryer, just spray and go lol v lazy.”

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