Do you know how to attach toilet cleaner properly?

Virgin Radio

28 Feb 2022, 17:36

Pic: @annpurfekt TikTok

It seems we've been doing it all wrong!

Who knew that there was a different way to hang those handy in-bowl toilet cleaners?

As ever, TikTok has taught us something new today.

User @annpurrfect shared the hack of how it should be connected.

It turns out that the hook portion should go under the rim of the toilet, not stretched out over the top.

She captioned the video "I was today years old...." with a crying laughing emoji.

It seems like many of us are only realising this too.

One viewer commented: "NO WAY YOU LIE! I've been doing it wrong this whole time?"

Someone else added: "You are not the only person".

Another added: "I found after 41 years".

"Omg!! Just learned something!" said one viewer.

"Hahaha I just showed this one to my mum and she can’t believe it. Hahaha" confessed another.

Someone else was disappointed when they tried to enlighten their loved one: "I was shocked when I look at the toilet and my bf already knew that, I was impressed".

Others stressed that you should read the instructions before attempting.

It turns out that some toilet bowl cleaners don't work the same way.

Meanwhile, other viewers noticed the TikToker touched her face straight after touching her toilet bowl.

One wrote: "The mistake you made was the facepalm after touching that".

Another added: "No.... don’t touch your face right after!!!"


Make sure you wash your hands.