People's minds blown over this different coloured optical illusion. What can you see?

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28 Feb 2022, 12:42

Credit: David Novick / The Sun

Prepare to be colour confused. A professor has captured the imagination - and varying palettes - of the nation with a colour illusion puzzle.

Created by colour illusion website owner and University of Texas Professor David Novick, the mind-boggler called Vivid Spheres 9 includes eight dots with lines through them that are thought to be different colours - but according to Novick, they are not.

The Prof wrote: "The spheres appear to be orange and blue but are actually identical, with base colour RGB 220, 255, 187.

"Zooming out increases the effect."

One user commented: "When I enlarged photo, I could see they're green! I've seen yellow n black stripes make green! ( I think haha!)."

Another added: "Hold the picture at an angle and stereoscope an "orange" sphere with a "blue" sphere and you can see the actual green colour."

Speaking about his 2018 optical illusion Confetti which was also a hit for people, he explained: "The Munker illusion appears to be a function of the framing colours, which tend to tint the central [shape].

"The apparent colour of the central circle is a mix of the foreground framing color and the circle's colour."

What can you see?