Have you been cooking bacon all wrong? Here's how to make it crispier

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15 Feb 2022, 13:56

Pic; Right Guys Reviews

Surely all bacon is good bacon, right?

These tips will take your bacon sandwich to the next level.

To get really crispy bacon you might think you need lots of grease, but one foodie TikTok user has shared a different way.

Under the name of Right Guys Review on TikTok, he has shared his unconventional method.

He swears by it being healthier too.

First of all, put foil on the bottom shelf of the oven. 

He then adds: “You want to get yourself a long skewer and pop it straight through the bacon.”

Pic; Right Guys Reviews

He shows how the skewer has gone all the way through the whole packet of bacon.

Next, he explains: “All you want to do is put your skewer over the oven rails and let your bacon hang and cook in the oven.

"As you can see all the fat is just dripping off it, making the bacon even healthier.”

He continued: “Just look how much fat that is coming off it. Wow.”

To remove the bacon from the oven, he said it's like “picking fruit.” 

He adds: “Healthy bacon sandwiches, enjoy.”

Some people disagreed with his method, saying: “The white bread is more unhealthy than the bacon.”

Another asked: “Is putting them on a grill tray not the same thing? I’m hungry now.” 

Someone else said he's missing all the best bits by doing this.

However plenty of people loved the trick, saying enthusiastically: "I never knew u could you could make bacon healthy.”

Another stated: “Nothing new been cooking my bacon like this for years.”

Meanwhile, if you're trying to make spag bol less greasy, another user shared a tip.

Instead of pouring/draining the grease off, use kitchen roll to mop it up from the bottom of the pan, lessening the risk of dropping your food in the bin.