Never struggle to open a jar again with this hack

Virgin Radio

2 Dec 2021, 15:51

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

We’ve all been there, wrestling with the lid of a jam jar and ending up embarrassingly out of breath from it. Well those days could be behind us with this clever trick. 

Mum of four, Lauren, has found an easy way to open even the toughest of jars and was kind enough to share it on her TikTok page to end all our jar-opening miseries. 

All you will need is an elastic band.

In the video, she says: “"This is literally the best mum hack.

“If you have a jar you can’t open, just get a rubber band, wrap it around the lid and then you can open it. Voila!”

Credit: TikTok @lauren.clutter

Credit: TikTok @lauren.clutter

It seems a lot of people have a problem with opening jars, as the comments on the video were full of grateful viewers. 

One person wrote: “Who needs school when we have you.” 

Another said: “Tell me you aren’t the best mom but not only that, you have the best life hacks.”

Lauren’s TikTok page, @lauren.clutter, is full of other clever hacks and has over 800 thousand followers! Some of her most popular videos at the moment are her present wrapping hacks. 

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