The internet reacts to Trafalgar Square’s ‘scrawny’ Christmas tree

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2 Dec 2021, 11:22

Credit: Twitter / @danbarker / @Dave_AFCB

Credit: Twitter / @danbarker / @Dave_AFCB

This year’s Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square is getting quite the reaction on social media, and not for the right reasons! 

The tall spruce has been placed in its usual position at the iconic London landmark in the build up to Christmas, but its appearance hasn’t quite got people in the festive mood.

Rather, the tree is being mocked on social media. 

Each year the UK is gifted a tree from Norway, to thank Britain for its support during the Second World War. Referencing that tradition, one person wrote: "Crikey, who has upset Norway?" 

Another added: “Norway has not taken the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer well.” 

Someone else suggested that the tree “got a trim from Boris Johnson's barber.”

Elsewhere, another social media user joked: “Interflora clearly forgot to include the little sachet of plant feed.”

Another Twitter commenter said: “The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree has arrived. Does anyone know what happened to the rest of it?”

Someone else was actually quite cross, saying: “It’s a national embarrassment. Take it down and get another one! It’s supposed to be the National Christmas Tree. Not a national laughing stock.”

Other people though, were keen to defend the tree. One person wrote: “All trees are beautiful.”

Someone else wrote: “Poor Xmas tree, he gets chopped down, shipped and plonked in Trafalgar Square, then everyone makes fun of him. That’s a Christmas story right there. Some of us love you Xmas tree!”

Another person said: “To all those people complaining about the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree sent by Norway - When someone sends you a gift, it is polite to say 'thank you', even if you're a bit disappointed. It's a lesson that should have been learnt in childhood.”

Meanwhile an official twitter account for the tree, which is run by Westminster Council, joked: “I would like everyone to know that half of my branches are not missing - they are social distancing.”

Trafalgar Square’s tree-lighting ceremony takes place on the first Thursday of December every year, so let’s see what its transformation is like once it’s all lit up!