Eddy's Good News: Turn off, tune out and drop in

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10 Jun 2024, 16:27

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Monday 10th June 2024

Credit: The Offline Club/Positive News

Teased in my Friday round up of what went right in the world this week, let’s zoom in on a story from The Netherlands 

‘Turn off, tune out and drop in’. That’s the message to customers at a Dutch digital detox cafe who are becoming really popular, and the irony of this has not been lost on them, having gone viral on social media. The Offline Club, now have an online following of 125,000 people, which is pretty impressive for a little cafe which began life in Amsterdam, and offers an oasis of calm and respite from the incessant digital hustle of life lived through the black glass of a smartphone.

It nurtures moments of quiet introspection over vapid doom-scrolling, and encourages spontaneous conversations with strangers instead of endless keyboard arguments hammered out 280 characters at a time.

Credit: The Offline Club/Positive News

With board games, a piano and books on hand, the idea is to swap recharging your device for replenishing your soul, even for just a few hours.

It’s done so well that they’re now mushrooming elsewhere and I’m sure this story will inspire someone to do something similar here.

Via: positive.news