Eddy's Good News: How playing piano can open doors and what a splash of Olive a day can do

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16 May 2024, 16:02

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Thursday 16th May 2024

Credit: Beth Christensen playing piano at Claridge Court

Remember that incredibly inspiring Dutch student who moved into a Home for people with advanced dementia and changed the game with his incredible positive outlook and interaction with his fellow residents. 

Here’s a similar story but from the US, as we say hello to Beth Christensen, who studies piano at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory, but doesn’t stay in student digs, and instead lodges in a nearby senior living facility. 

Placed there in July 2023 as a student-in-residence by a partnership between the home and the Conservatory, Beth says that the experience has been special, and that many of the residents are more than just friendly faces she sees while playing the piano for them, they’ve become true friends.

She’s encouraged to immerse herself and really does, playing games, chatting and even bringing her fellow students to the home to enjoy the company of her housemates. It’s a really wonderful idea and I hope it’s something that might inspire homes in the U.K. which don’t have a program like this, to consider this lovely, enriching, and mutually beneficial arrangement. 

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Getty

I’ve become hyper aware of dementia related studies recently because of my personal situation and anything I can do to help anyone avoid going through what me, my brother and sisters are going through with my mum at the moment, I am grabbing with both hands. Here’s another I’ve found. 

A splash of olive oil a day can help keep dementia at bay, according to Harvard researchers.

In their latest study, nutritionists analysed health data for more than 92,000 people over 28. They found that those who consumed at least 7g of olive oil daily were 28% less likely to die from dementia-related ailments compared to those who ate none.

This is no surprise as there’s already data that shows omega 3 and similar good fats are really good for preventing dementia. The brain is after all, mostly fat and thrives on good fats and there’s no question olive oil is a good fat. 

An undeniable body of evidence links the Mediterranean diet with better health outcomes. In their study, Harvard researchers found evidence that the heavy use of extra virgin olive oil in the diet could be one of its most significant factors.

“These results suggest that olive oil intake represents a potential strategy to reduce dementia mortality risk,” the study concluded. 

It’s magical stuff, I have no less than three extra virgin olive oils in my kitchen at any one time and they’re part of the reason I took my cholesterol level down from 7 to 1.3 without a statin in sight.

Via: positive.news