Eddy's Good News: The dilemma of a loving family and Mr Trash wheel

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25 Apr 2024, 13:15

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Thursday 25th April 2024

Credit: St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital’s- Facebook

If your toddler daughter had severe epileptic seizures and the only way you had a chance of getting rid of them was to go to a hospital  in a war zone what would you do? 

That was the dilemma facing the Gribben family from Northern Ireland. Their 4 year old little girl Rachel had a chance to be cured by specialist surgeons at St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital, but that’s in LViv, a city in the far west of Ukraine not far from the border with Poland. The hospital had managed to attract a renowned American neurosurgeon, Dr. Luke Tomich and just his advice meant Rachel had a chance at living a normal life and that was worth an 1800 mile journey for the Irish family. Rachel’s neurosurgeon Dr. Mykhailo Lovga and his team were able to remove a small section of brain tissue that was the root of the problem, and which they say won’t affect her going forward. 

“We carefully opened the skull, found the abnormal tissue, and slowly separated it before removing it completely. Because this tissue was close to the area that controls movement, we worked with neurologists and used very advanced technology during the surgery,” Dr. Lovga told a Ukrainian news agency. Brave Rachel and her family took a risk that we would probably all take. Hats off to all involved.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Mr Trash Wheel - YouTube

This week we must wish a happy tenth birthday to one of Baltimore’s most beloved civic characters who works twenty four hours a day and 365 days a year to help keep the harbour clean. 

Say hello to Mr Trash Wheel. He’s just a really simple old fashioned water wheel, like you’d see on a really old watermill, but he collects rubbish which is then recycled. He has a curved canopy which looks a bit like a snail and since somebody had the brilliant idea to put big googly eyes on him, he became a national treasure. He’s collected over 5 million pounds of rubbish, powered 45,000 homes with biomass that he’s scooped up, he’s inspired other waterwheels , like Gwenda The Good Wheel Of The West and he even has his own fan club and an award named in his honour. The Order Of The Wheel, given to those who pledge to reduce their single use plastic consumption. 3,000 people have joined the order’s ranks.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org