Eddy's Good News: Chicken in boots and there's a such a thing called Christmas burn out

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14 Dec 2023, 10:03

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Thursday 13th December 2023

Credit: @<a href="https://www.instagram.com/calliope.nubz.insta/#">calliope.nubz.insta</a>

Love this story, so we know of a puss in boots, but it would be hard to imagine a chicken in boots, until now, as we say hello to Meech Davignon of Escondido California and her Malaysian Serama breed chicken, Nubz, lost his toes to leg scale mites.

Meech, who is a professional dog walker has adopted a whole coterie of animals, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and 11 other chickens. Nubz rules the roost, despite his having little or no toes, even more so since Meech had the idea of putting some old puppy boots on him. Once he got used to the boots he walked around normally, looking pretty swish. Of course when he got his own Instagram page he went viral, got fans all over the world and loads of them want to send him boots. He now has an Imelda Marcos style collection of over 60 pairs of boots of every colour and style and he loves showing them off. Have a look for yourself!

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Credit: Getty

So we know it’s the season for many thing, giving, eating, drinking, and keeping those landfills topped up, but according to interesting new research it’s also the time for burn out…Christmas Burn Out…it’s a thing, and there’s a way to avoid it according to this research and it’s very simple.

Just say no! It’s OK, you can still say yes to the mince pies, the massive dinners and the chocolate reindeer your boss’s assistant gave you on his behalf, but the thing to learn to say no to is invitations.

Credit: YouTube

We get invited to so much stuff at this time, and a study of over 2000 people has shown that we, on the whole, say yes to a lot of invites to things we don’t really want to go to because we’re scared of the consequences of not going. But not going, can in fact be extremely beneficial for our mental health. Interestingly the research showed that we make too big a deal of it, that our imagining what they might feel is way worse than what they actually feel. People are largely very understanding and don’t mind at all, so relax, if you’d rather be at home stroking a cat before it attacks the baubles on your tree, then you do that and don’t feel bad about it!

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