Scottish city is named the best for quality of life

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18 May 2023, 12:36

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Fancy moving to a new place? Load up the property websites, as a Scottish city has been named the best place to live.

According to a survey, two in three workers are thinking about relocating to a new city, after assessing the cost of living in their current city.

London currently wins the top spot for those wanting the highest salaries, however it is in last it places last for overall quality of living.

Edinburgh has claimed the top spot for quality of life.

Totaljobs reports that Edinburgh boasts the best work-life balance.

This then leads to higher rates of happiness locally, as well as affordable housing.

If you're sick of a long daily commute, Edinburgh could be just the ticket too.

Edinburgh also scores the best commute time with an average of just 29 minutes.

More than 30% of Brits cite these as important factors that would have them moving house.

Edinburgh also has an average property price of £337,506 compared to London's £553,000 average.

Some 71% of Londoners are apparently thinking about moving.

Healthcare accessibility and air quality also received one of the highest rankings for Edinburgh, with 8.2.

More than 50% of those surveyed say they would need a higher salary to move, followed by a generous benefits package or a relocation package ( 39%), a promotion or better job title (38%) or more flexible work arrangements (32%).

Also on the list is Plymouth, scoring 8.

Glasgow comes in third, with one of the lowest cost of living scores.

London only scored 5.1.

The average property rent and childcare for London came in at £3,390.

Would you consider moving?