Have you tried the 'food disgust' test? People are sharing their scores

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26 Apr 2023, 15:26

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Are you a picky eater or someone who will eat anything and everything?

People are sharing their "food disgust" scores, which some are saying is "way more fun than 'Myers-Briggs' tests".

The test discovers how squeamish you are around certain foods or things that could contaminate them.

Christina Hartmann and Michael Siegrist at the Technical University of Zurich created the test.

During their research they found that people’s feelings of disgust around food fits into eight different categories.

To take part in the test, you answer 32 statements about food, selecting answers from ‘disagree strongly’ to ‘agree strongly’.

One of the lowest scores shared on Twitter was 12.63%, which is very low.

However, they also confessed to eating out of date sausages (which is very ill-advised.)

The test is based on eight scales of food disgust: Animal flesh, hygiene, human contamination, mould, fruit, fish, vegetables and insect contaminants.

One of the categories, human contamination refers to sharing food or utensils with others.

Animal flesh is feeling disgust at seeing organs, eyes, or anything that resembles the animal.

If the thought of a bruised apple has you squeamish, chances are you would score in the fruit category.

Mould disgust is a common one, and the Food Standards Agency advises against eating anything that has mould on it.

Insect contaminants is a common one, so if you'd throw the bowl away if you found a bug in your salad that could be a high score.

Want to try it? Take the food disgust test here.