People excited over 21 new emojis: Will you use them?

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29 Mar 2023, 09:23

People excited over 21 new emojis: Have you seen them?

Credit: Getty / Emojipedia

Incoming. You can get your paws on 21 fresh new emojis which are available on iPhones now through iOS 16.4.

Cue some shiny new pink, blue and grey hearts, pushing or stopping hands in different shades, a jellyfish, angel wings, maracas, a fan, a moose, some plants and a rattled shaking face.

There's also a pea pod, piece of ginger, a flute, a hand fan, a donkey and a Khanda – the symbol of Sikhs.

One happy user wrote: "I'm gonna use the HELL out that shaking face emoji."

Another said: "I love the shaking face emoji as well So, If I am scared, or excited I can actually use that emoji lol."

While another shared: "That shaking face emoji……..hold on."

The iOS 16.4 has other multiple new updates including a page-turning animation, while Apple Podcasts has had a makeover and the Channels menu can be used to store podcasts in the same place.

"Efficiency and organisation, we love to see it!" applauded one user.

"Finally my goose emoji is here," praised a second.

"Finally got the Wi-Fi," said a third.

Voice Isolation is available now for phone calls - not just FaceTime - enabling you to block out any background noise while speaking to someone.

Plus Home Kit Architecture has also returned which will bring an ‘improved performance and reliability of the accessories in your home', says Apple.

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