Beyond Paradise episode 3 EXCLUSIVE: Kelby Hartford gets spooked during terrifying art gallery stake out 

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10 Mar 2023, 10:03

Credit: BBC

Beyond Paradise is back tonight (Friday 10th March) and it seems young PC Kelby Hartford is in for a shock during a stake-out at an art gallery. 

In an exclusive clip of the Death in Paradise spin-off shared with, Kelby, played by Dylan Llewellyn, is tasked with staying at the art gallery overnight, which has been rocked following the disappearance of a beloved painting in a seemingly impossible burglary. 

It's down to DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and the team to investigate, but it seems Kelby drew the short straw, and ends up staying overnight in the rather creepy location. 

In the clip, Kelby opens up his lunchbox and is left unimpressed with the healthy options left by his mum, and soon turns to the massive bag of sweets next to him instead. 

Watch the exclusive clip below:

Suddenly, all the lights then switch off, causing Kelby to reach for his torch to investigate. With a menacing clock chiming, it seems Kelby gets quite a fright after stumbling on a taxidermy bear, before he scurries back to his stake-out room, seemingly shaken by the experience. 

The official episode synopsis adds: “[The teams] enquiries soon uncover a centuries-long feud about the painting's origins. Fortunately Martha (Sally Bretton) is on hand to comfort her mother Anne (Barbara Flynn), who believes the theft is all her fault.”

Fans will be on the lookout for the big-name guest stars once again this week, after being treated to both Phil Daniels and Ruth Madoc in episode 2 last week (Friday 3rd March).

Humprhey actor Kris recently opened up to and other press about what it was like working with Hi-de-Hi! icon Ruth, who sadly passed away aged 79 not long after filming her scenes. 

Kris explained: “I'm of the age where Saturday nights…when I was a kid, we would light the fire…this is going to sound incredibly twee, but we used to light the fire and toast crumpets and watch Hi-de-Hi! She was a massive part of my childhood, so it was a joy, although bittersweet in the end, to work with her and she was so vibrant as well and delightful.”

Elsewhere, Quadrophenia icon Daniels swapped coastal Brighton for the beaches of Devon in Beyond Paradise, taking up the role as Marvelous Harris. 

Speaking about Daniel’s cameo, Kris continued: “The legend Phil Daniels playing a character called Marvelous Harris, playing a slightly dodgy boatyard owner. What's not to love about that? Phil Daniels doing a Devon accent as well. We all know Phil Daniels’ voice from everything from Quadrophenia to Park Life. He’s part of the lexicon so it was incredible to work with him as well.”

Beyond Paradise continues on BBC One and iPlayer on Friday nights at 8pm.