Eddy's Good News: A cat is a man's best friend and promising news on dementia

Virgin Radio

7 Mar 2023, 11:19

Credit: Family photo / YouTube / ABC7

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Tuesday 7th March 2023

A pawsome story from earthquake devastated Turkey as a cat rescued from the rubble refuses to leave the side of his rescuer. 

Say salaam alaikum to Turkish firefighter Ali Cakas, you may have seen this hero working in a cycling helmet and goggles, with a cat on his shoulder. Ali pulled the cat from a collapsed building where it had been trapped for ten days. The cat stayed on his shoulder while he worked all day with the fire department in their effort to save humans and animals alike.

Ali is a part time firefighter, he’s actually a world class mountain biker and coaches the Turkish national team. Turkish people are famed for their love of cats, so Ali gave him a forever home and called him “Enkas”, which is Turkish for “rubble”. Ali and Enkas are now inseparable! See the adorable pics for yourself :)

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: The Times/News UK

Good news from Canada and here in the UK as a huge study into dementia shows that taking vitamin D supplements can help you keep it at bay.

Say hi to researchers at University of Calgary’s Brain Institute and University of Exeter who studied 12,388 people who were dementia free when they enrolled in the survey and gave 37% of them vitamin D supplements. 

Encouragingly this resulted in 40% less dementia diagnoses in the group that took vitamin D. They also found the people in the vitamin D group who eventually got the condition lived dementia free for longer than those who didn’t take the supplement.

This is to add to further studies that show fish oil, or vegan omega 3 oil derived from seeds and nuts, have a similar protective effect. This is fascinating to me as my mum can’t get to the end of a sentence, so I’m going to make sure she ups her D game :)

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org