Steven Spielberg reveals which of his movies he watches with his kids and thinks is 'pretty perfect'

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7 Mar 2023, 10:19

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It would be very hard to pick out one of your own favourite movies if you were Steven Spielberg, but the director extraordinaire has shared which of his creations he believes deserves almost 100 per cent score.

The Jurassic Park, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and Saving Private Ryan director appeared on The Late Late Show With Stephen Colbert and revealed which movie from his extensive back catalogue he’s returns to over and over again.

“I don’t look a lot at my movies after I’ve made them,” Spielberg said. “I don’t look back that often but every once in a while I’ll see a movie with my kids.

"I want to accompany my kids when I see E.T. with them for the first time. I don’t want them to see E.T. without dad sitting there, especially the scary parts at the beginning.

“Sometimes I see things that I had intended to do that I didn’t do, and sometimes I see things that would have been a better idea than what I’m now seeing all these years later – but for the most part, E.T. is a pretty perfect movie.”

He added: “It’s one of the few movies I’ve made that I can actually look back at again and again.”

The iconic 1982 film starring Dee Wallace, Henry Thomas, Peter Coyote and Drew Barrymore won four Oscars including Best Visual Effects and Best Original Score, but it's not the only film he’s directed that he can re-watch.


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“I’ve made like 34 films and – and I’m not gonna name which ones they are beyond E.T. – there’s about five or six films that I can watch again, but I don’t usually do that,” he added.

Spielberg is still going strong on the big screen. His latest offering is the coming-of-age drama, The Fabelmans, which is loosely based on his own upbringing, and has been nominated for seven Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director.

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