Waterloo Road: Everything you need to know about the BBC revival series

Virgin Radio

3 Jan 2023, 10:43

The cast of Waterloo Road (2023)

Credit: BBC

We’re so close to returning to where it all began on Waterloo Road. 

The BBC revival starts today (3rd January) and virginradio.co.uk has the lowdown on who you can expect to see making a comeback, the newbies on the scene, and when to tune in. 

What is Waterloo Road (2023) about? 

There is lots of drama in store for the comprehensive, with the seven-part series starting with a peaceful protest turning into a school riot. 

The official BBC synopsis reads: “Across the term, Waterloo Road’s teachers and parents are going to have to learn on their feet as they try to navigate the ever changing social landscape - from teen homelessness to the cost of living, being LGBTQ+, racism, sexism, mental health and everything else facing young teens today.

“Amongst the chaos, the students, faculty and parents still make time for friendships, fun, and a few romances. The pupils have a lot to contend with this term, but they will learn to lean on one another to survive the year and try to stay out of detention as much as possible.”

Who stars in Waterloo Road? 

There are lots of returning faces heading back to Waterloo Road, including Angela Griffin, who returns as Headteacher Kim Campbell. 

Adam Thomas and Katie Griffiths are heading back to the school where it all began. The duo played Donte Charles and Chloe Grainger back in the original run of the series, which aired from 2006 until 2015.

Adam’s niece, Scarlett Thomas, will play Donte and Chloe’s daughter, Izzy, while their son, Tommy, will be played by the actor's real-life son, Teddy. 

In the new series, the couple are now married and ready to start as staff at the school where they first met.

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Kym Marsh will play dinner lady Nicky Walters, who has two children, Preston and Tonya, at the school.

Rounding out the cast are Vincent Jerome, James Baxter, Jo Coffey, Shauna Shim, Neil Fitzmaurice, Rachel Leskovac, Katherine Pearce, Ryan Clayton and Sonia Ibrahim.

Actors playing pupil characters will be Adam Abbou, Priyasasha Kumari, Noah Valentine, Adam Ali, Alicia Forde, Francesco Piacentini-Smith, Liam Scholes and Lucy Eleanor Begg to name a few. 

Is there a Waterloo Road trailer? 

There is indeed! If you’re after a first-look ahead of the series opener, check out the video below.

When does Waterloo Road start? 

There really isn’t that long to wait until Waterloo Road returns!

Waterloo Road will begin tonight (3rd January) at 8pm on BBC One. If you can’t wait to binge watch, well then you’re in luck, as the seven episodes will be available in full as a boxset on BBC iPlayer, while BBC One will air the new series weekly.