Motherland: Last Christmas releases first-look trailer ahead of second festive special

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8 Dec 2022, 09:31

The cast of Motherland (2022)

Credit: BBC

Motherland’s Julia, Liz and Kevin frantically search for the perfect Christmas gifts in the first-look trailer for their 2022 Christmas special. 

The BBC has released the very first glimpse at what’s in store for Motherland’s second festive outing, Last Christmas, and it seems the mums (and Kevin) are busy preparing for the ultimate blended Christmas celebrations. 

Outside the school gates, a frustrated Julia, played by Anna Maxwell Martin, shares “I’m not good at Christmas giving,” while Kevin replies: “It’s one of my top skills alongside changing duvets and cooking rice.”

Watch the trailer below: 

On what to get her mother, Julia laments that “last year she said not to get anything, so I didn’t get her anything and then she did sad face all day, which is very mixed messaging.”

When Kevin throws out the idea of Zorbing (rolling around in a plastic ball kind of day), Diane Morgan’s Liz retorts: “She’s an old lady Kevin, not a gerbil.”

The official BBC synopsis reads: “It’s a full house at Julia’s with an influx of grandparents demanding endless cups of tea, as they play with a VR headset Paul bought “for the kids”. Julia has invited Kevin along too after learning that his alternative was dining on turkey crisps from the hotel vending machine in the company of the other divorced dads. 

“Kevin excitedly offers to whip up a full-on Persian feast. Liz (Diane Morgan) also turns up when her ex cancels following a massive Christmas Eve bender, letting her down on his first ever offer to host.”

While the much-loved cast will reunite for some yuletide cheer (or lack thereof), the Motherland Christmas special, which follows the 2020 festive debut, will also feature the return of guest star Joanna Lumley

The acting icon will be stepping back into Felicity's shoes as Amanda's high-maintenance mother alongside Amanda (Lucy Punch)who is forced to spend Christmas Day with her ex Johnny (Terry Mynott), the kids and Johnny's new wife Tamara (Louise Delamere).

The BBC recently unveiled all of their Christmas telly line-up, with the likes of Call The Midwife and Mrs Brown’s Boys making the festive list. 

Motherland: Last Christmas on Friday 23rd December at 9:30pm on BBC One and iPlayer.