Eddy's Good News: Breakthrough from UK Scientists and Heinz bring new design to bottles!

Virgin Radio

18 Nov 2022, 10:07

Credit: NHS

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Friday 18th November 2022

Amazing news from here in the UK as blood grown in a lab is given to patients in the first trial of its kind. 

Say hello and bravo to the brilliant British blood scientists who’ve had a breakthrough in the manufacture of rare blood plasma and this is how they did it. A donor gives ordinary blood, mine for example, O rhesus positive which is, I think, the most common. Then the stem cells in my blood are encouraged to become new red blood cells, and this can be programmed in effect, to create blood that is much less common. Some people have blood so rare that only a handful of people in the UK share the same group: Bombay blood, golden blood, I’d never even heard of these but they’re a thing, and now haematologists can grow that blood in a lab just in case one of them has an accident. We still have to roll up our sleeves and give blood, but this is great news for those with rare claret!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Heinz

Impressive news from the US as Heinz have redesigned their ketchup bottle cap to be 100% recyclable and you won’t believe how much time and resources went into this!

Here’s the thing, those ketchup bottles were, until now, only recyclable if you took the top off, I never knew that. It’s because that little valve thing which gives you the perfect squirt is made of silicone, which means you’d have to do a delicate operation to recycle it and that’s never going to happen. So Heinz spent, get this: $1.2 million in research and development, 185,000 hours (even at minimum wage that’s over 1.5 million quid!), 8 years, and 44 prototype versions before they were happy with their new sustainable squirt.

It’s big news because more than a billion of them go into landfill every year, but no more, the new caps are launching in the UK before Christmas :)

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org