Daniel Radcliffe reveals his favourite role of all time

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2 Nov 2022, 12:58


Daniel Radcliffe

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Daniel Radcliffe has been appearing in films since the ripe age of 11 years old, but the actor has revealed the one role he enjoyed the most- and it might surprise you.

The actor is probably best known for playing Harry Potter in the infamous film series based on the books by JK Rowling. He’s also appeared in many other films over the years, including The Woman In Black and The Lost City.

Most recently, he is starring in the new biopic about Al Yankovic as the musician, with the film set for cinematic release on 4th November in the UK.

Despite all these incredible roles, there is one that remains Radcliffe’s favourite and that was starring alongside Paul Dano in Swiss Army Man.

The actor plays the role of a corpse named Manny, who Dano’s shipwrecked character, Hank, ends up befriending.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Radcliffe explained: “As an actor, you read so many scripts, and so many of them are the same script.


Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano in Swiss Army Man

Credit: Blackbird films

“Suddenly, you see a logline which says, ‘A suicidal man befriends a corpse, who then convinces him that life is worth living,’ and you know that you’re being offered the corpse, that is something incredibly exciting.”

The film, released in 2016, has achieved something of cult status among fans with its dark and absurdist comedy and lessons about life and love.

Speaking at the time of its release, Radcliffe told Entertainment Weekly that starring alongside Dano “was an incredibly fun thing to take.”

He added: “It’s a testament to the Daniels (directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) that they can take an idea like that and they have so much imagination, and humor, and kindness,” he continued.


“That’s the thing. It’s a deeply compassionate film full of love for humanity and human weirdness. It’s so their vision and so unapologetically their vision.”







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