Eddy's Good News: A new statue is unveiled and could this be the moment for baldness?!

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26 Oct 2022, 09:29

Credit: The Sun/News UK

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Wednesday 26th October 2022

Heart warming news from here in the UK as London gets a new statue or an unsung hero.

Say hello to Jo Newby, from East Yorkshire and why she has been immortalised in a thirteen foot tall statue, made from recycled materials and using cutting edge 3D scanning technology is as inspiring as it is life affirming. 

Jo has fostered no less than 92 children over the last twenty years, including children with special needs and she, incredibly did this while her husband, Chris, battled pancreatic cancer.

It was Chris who nominated her for the statue, along with 500 other people who’ve all been touched by her kindness. Kind is the key word here as she’s been named ‘the UK’s Kind hero’.

Jo even co-founded ‘Barton Inclusive Football Club Hull’ and a little football league for disabled children. The statue is on Observation Point, overlooking the Thames and shows Joe holding a little pair of football shoes and holding up balloons which symbolise the 92 children this living saint has fostered.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Yokohama University

Encouraging news from Japan where scientists have had a breakthrough in the cure for baldness - Chris Evans is obsessed with his hair disappearance, Chris, this one’s for you:

Say konichiwa to the boffins of baldness at Yokohama National University who’ve achieved a follicular first, they grew a human hair in a petri dish! 

Our lack of understanding of how hair follicles work mean this has never been done before, how did they do it? With organoids! These are miniature and more simplified organs in our body, these ones are from our skin and once they understood that every hair is a tiny organ, they cracked the holy grail of hair production, they even changed its colour by adding drugs that boosted our skin's natural colouring chemicals. The applications for this are limitless, not just hair growth, but the future of growing much bigger organs from scratch is now entering a very real stage.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org