Michael J. Fox reveals his Back to the Future remake pitch: ‘It will come round again’

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26 Oct 2022, 08:29

(L-R) Michael J. Fox and Michael with Christopher Lloyd in a Back to the Future skit

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Michael J. Fox is more than up for bringing a Back to the Future reboot to the big screen, and even has his own ideas on how it could work. 

Fans were thrilled to see the celebrated actor reunite with co-star Christopher Lloyd earlier this month at Comic Con New York, and so it’s no surprise bringing Marty McFly back is in the forefront of Michael’s mind. 

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about reviving the franchise, Michael explained: “I actually had this thought that if they did the movie again, they should do it with a girl as Marty.

"There’s something about [the franchise] that connects with people on every level. I just feel like it will come around again."

On his long-awaited reunion with Doc Brown actor Christopher, 37 years after the release of the original Back to the Future, Michael described him as “the best guy.”

He shared: “He’s gone from being this actor that I work with that I thought was funny and smart, to being a guy who was kind of like my brother, to being a father figure, to being now in a way that I never expected. People just like us together, because we remind them of people that they like and like to be with.

"When I saw Chris at Comic Con, I just threw my arms around him because I was so happy to see him, and I'll continue to feel that way every time I see him."

Back to the Future was released in 1985, and was an immediate hit with sci-fi fans, becoming the highest-grossing film that year worldwide. 

It spawned two sequels, Back to the Future Part II and Part III, in which both Michael and Christopher reprised their now-infamous roles. 

Speaking about the incredible legacy the Back to the Future trilogy has, Michael added: “What’s most amazing about Back to the Future is that -- and it has nothing to do with me -- but it has this life. 

“People don’t just like it and remember it, they celebrate it and embrace it and get my face tattooed on their leg, and I mean, it’s crazy but in a good way."

Back to the Future became Michael’s first big commercial hit, and he quickly cemented his status as leading actor material throughout the 80s and 90s with roles in Teen Wolf, Spin City and Doc Hollywood. 

Not only that, but Michael, who has Parkinson's Disease, has dedicated much of his life to raising money for his Michael J. Fox Foundation, with a total over $1 billion, in the mission to find a cure for the progressive disease.