Jayde Adams on why Strictly Come Dancing isn’t as 'terrifying' as stand-up comedy

Virgin Radio

21 Oct 2022, 08:32

Jayde Adams

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Comedian Jayde Adams is giving it all she’s got on Strictly Come Dancing, but how does it compare to her natural home of the stand-up stage?

The telly star is currently partnered with Karen Hauer on the BBC dancing competition, and the duo have wowed the audience and judges for the last few weeks with their glittering routines. 

But how does it compare to where you usually find yourself on stage with a microphone? 

While speaking exclusively to virginradio.co.uk, Jayde revealed what she finds more nerve-wracking, and it turns out, being in the ballroom beats a solo stand-up performance. 

“It's hard to find Strictly as terrifying as stand up,” Jayde said: “When you come to Strictly, every single thing you could possibly need or want is taken care of.

“I've experienced a lot of very standoffish behaviour in the comedy industry. I've come to Strictly and I talked to Karen about it all the time. Everyone that works on this show is incredibly lovely, loves their job, is very passionate, and is confident. 

“The fear in the industry comes from a lack of confidence in what you're doing. Because Strictly's been going for as long as it's going, we have confidence here. And on top of that, I get to dance with someone who's been in the show for over 10 years and she just knows how to manage everything. There are nerves, obviously, but there's nothing that's going to be powerless.”

Jayde is a comedy veteran, having spent years performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, nabbing a nomination for Best Newcomer in 2016, and landing the JOE Best Show prize in 2019. 

Despite being a huge success in the comedy scene in the UK, Jayde insisted Strictly nerves are worlds apart from stand-up, but it’s all down to how you feel when the spotlight is on. 

The Alma’s Not Normal star continued: “The nerves are very different. In stand-up, I always feel like I'm about to have it all taken away from me. In this show, I feel like I'm actually performing better and more efficiently and actually learning so much as well. It feels like I’ve gone back to school.

“[The Strictly team] know that the most important thing before the show is that the dancers and the celebrities are taken care of, because at the end of the day, when those cameras go on, it's us who take the reins. I feel that this show is really just so well produced, I cannot stress it enough. It's incredible.”

Jayde and Karen will be hoping to climb that leader board once again when they do the Charleston to the Ballad of Barry and Freda (Let’s Do It) by Victoria Wood for the special BBC Centenary episode this weekend.

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday (22nd October) at 6:40pm on BBC One.