Sir David Attenborough brings Frozen Planet II viewers to tears with urgent plea

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21 Oct 2022, 08:21

Frozen Planet II logo (L) and Sir David Attenborough (R)

Credit: BBC

Sir David Attenborough has left viewers emotional with his latest heartfelt plea regarding the state of the environment.

Last weekend’s episode of Frozen Planet II was already harrowing viewing, with footage of polar bears struggling to survive amid rapidly melting ice, and with the penguin population diminishing, when the legendary presenter spoke directly to the camera.

Addressing viewers in front of a black background, he said: “If we can do something about it, then do it.”

The 96-year-old broadcaster, biologist, natural historian and author continued: “We can do it. We must do it. Then there will be a future for the planet.”

You can watch the clip here:

People took to social media to share their thoughts on Sir David’s plea, with many saying they were brought to tears by his words, and the footage shown in the programme. One said: “Just wept watching Frozen Planet II - heartbreaking.”

Someone else said: “Planet 2 made me cry tonight. I've been a bit sceptical about climate change but that episode convinced me. David Attenborough, what a man.”

Another added: “For decades I’ve adored Sir David Attenborough and his wonderful wildlife programmes which were so uplifting. Now watching his latest Frozen Planet series I just want to cry with despair at how we are destroying everything in the world.”

Elsewhere, a commenter said: “For the sake of our beautiful planet, we have to act now and all do our bit.”

Somebody else wrote: "Just wept watching #FrozenPlanet2 - heartbreaking. Should be compulsory viewing for every single politician, leader and policy maker."

The latest series of Frozen Planet II continues to look at life in the extreme. The official synopsis reads: “In a fragile world of beauty and hostility, nature finds a way to survive and thrive. Sir David Attenborough explores a planet on the brink of major change.”