Gangs of London season 2: Waleed Zuaiter on playing the 'powerful' new villain

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17 Oct 2022, 12:54

Waleed Zuaiter

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Gangs of London finally returns to our screens this week after nearly two years away, and newcomer Waleed Zuaiter has given us a taste of what to expect from his character Koba.

The show was a huge hit when it first aired back in 2020 and even went on to receive nominations for a BAFTA and prime-time Emmy award. So, it is no surprise fans have been keen for the second instalment of the hit sky drama to drop- especially with a brand new villain causing chaos in London’s criminal underworld.

Koba is the new gang boss in town and he doesn't exactly play by the rules. His unhinged nature and reluctance to abide by the usual gangster codes means trouble for the rest of the capital's gangs, who are preparing to hit back.

Speaking exclusively to, Waleed gave us the rundown on this interesting new character and what to expect from him.

He said: “Basically, power is his Viagra, for lack of a better word. It's all about power and he likes to play with his prey. He has his whole army of men to commit basic violent acts for him, but in the end, the enjoyment for Koba is dominance.

“Nothing is off limits, and his code is power above family, which resonated a lot with me because when you watch season one, the core of it is family, and this guy is the antithesis of that. So, the only thing I can say is to expect ruthlessness in a way that you really haven't seen before.”

The actor continued: “I'm hoping people somehow admire him in a weird kind of way, you know, relish in the enjoyment of how somebody can be like this. It’s just very complex, and it's hard to kind of put into words, but there's a lot of action that Koba was very much a part of in the season.

“So, I'm excited to hear what the reactions are.”

Waleed also spoke about his first impressions when reading the script for season 2 and described getting Koba as a “dream role”.

He added: “The script started coming in for season two, and it just was a dream role for an actor. He's [Koba] very powerful but he has this swagger and there's humour in there too. It was just very fun to play. So, I couldn't have been more excited to be a part of this incredible show.”

We also caught up with Sope Dirisu, who plays Elliot in the series, and he teased what could be in store for his character in season two.

He explained: “Having been threatened with the safety of Shannon and Danny, Elliot decides to get into bed with The Investors and become their hitman.

“Now we meet Elliot a year on from that decision and he doesn’t seem any closer to achieving his aims than he was in the beginning, if anything he is probably much further away. And the things he’s had to do for The Investors and why he’s had to do them, I think is really taking a toll on his body and his soul.”

The actor also teased the possibility of further series of the show, which you can read more about here.

Gangs of London season two premieres on Sky Atlantic on 20th October.