Tilda Swinton reveals she's got 'quite a collection of teeth' from films she's starred in

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17 Oct 2022, 12:40

Tilda Swinton reveals she's got 'quite a collection of teeth' from her films

Credit: Netflix

Tilda Swinton really is fang-tastic. The actor has revealed she is the proud owner of 'the many amazing teeth' she has worn throughout her colourful careerincluding films Snowpiercer, Okja and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The star told PEOPLE about her denture adventures at the Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles over the weekend where she was being honoured with the Visionary Award for 'dedicating herself to collaborations with some of cinema's most daring innovators'.

She explained about her collection of dental props: "There's a wonderful dental technician called Chris Lyons, who I've worked with for years. He has a wonderful company in London called Fangs FX, and I've had many amazing teeth, sets of teeth, made by him.

"I have quite a collection," she added: "Yes. A dental sphere."

The star, who was recognised for her 'extensive body of work that has advanced the art of cinema' said that she is 'really, really proud' of the honour.

On special bonds forming after collaborating with creatives, she said: "If I fall into a relationship with someone and we start to make films together, it very often goes on for a very long time.

"It's always the same thing. It's always been the same thing from the beginning. It's the conversation with the filmmakers," Swinton said.

"Communicative, friendly people who are as jazzed about cinema as I am, and are interested in making the kind of cinema that's new and has something that people can really dive into and be immersed in," she said.

"I think big cinema is something that a lot of us are super passionate about and dedicated to it. And all the filmmakers that I work with are dedicated to it. So that's the beginning of the conversation. Is this all big cinema? If it is, then we can start talking about it," she said.

The actress told The Hollywood Reporter: "The thing about film is it never gets old and it’s really important for the archive to be available to everybody. And this museum is really phenomenal. I came around it yesterday and it’s so alive and so inclusive. I think anybody that lives in L.A. should just come and hang out here as much as they can."