Strictly Come Dancing: Matt Goss on what he will 'never forget' about the show after exit

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17 Oct 2022, 08:41

Matt Goss

Credit: Rex

Bros singer Matt Goss has said goodbye to the ballroom on Strictly Come Dancing, but he's taking some treasured memories with him. 

He was sent home by the judges after failing to impress with his Jive to All Shook Up by Paul McCartney, and found himself in the dreaded dance-off against Kym Marsh. 

Unfortunately for the musician, the judges decided to save Kym and partner Graziano Di Prima, who got the nod from all four of the panel. 

For Matt, his Strictly journey was a particularly emotional one, having returned home from the US for the first time in 25 years, and dedicating his time on the series to his mum and sister. 

Speaking exclusively to, Matt revealed his time on the show was almost cut short before his elimination, and explained what memories he will be taking with him.

When asked about what he will take away with him, Matt replied: “I think for me, there's a certain tenacity and fortitude, coming back home after 25 years, coming straight into this experience. There's been a couple of moments where I just wanted to pack it in. But in honour of my mother, my sister, my family, a brother, Luke, my career….Strictly is a beautiful TV show, it's a beloved TV show in Britain. And I'm honoured to be on it. 

“There'll be something about Strictly that will always make me feel like now you can get through this. The people here have been really lovely. There has been a protective element that you guys may not realise. The circling of the wagons a few times just to make sure you're okay. I will never forget that side of Strictly.”

Despite having performed on stages around the world, Matt admitted learning to dance for Strictly almost felt like an entirely different experience. 

He shared: “It couldn't be further from what my instinctual career, the way I perform is instinctual. So if there's some rowdiness over there, that's where I'll go. It's very instinctual, and immediate, whereas dance has discipline, and you must learn the steps. So it goes almost against every bone in my body to have to put my foot there when I'm starting with my hips.”

Despite being sent home, Goss fans might be pleased to hear that Matt can once again focus on music, having been “strictly focused on Strictly” during his time on the show.

“I continuously write new music,” Matt explained. “But no, if anything, I'm really sure I get out of my own way without losing myself. It’s a strange experience for me.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday 22nd October on BBC One at 6:40pm.