Greggs confirms stores will stay open for later in exciting new update

Virgin Radio

6 Oct 2022, 08:54

People walking in and out of a Greggs store

Credit: Getty

Greggs for dinner anyone?

It will finally be possible to enjoy the delicious taste of steak bakes and sausage rolls well into the evening as Greggs has announced some branches will remain open late into the night.

The bakery chain confirmed a number of stores around the country will change to later opening hours, and there will be a new menu to go alongside the exciting update. 

Sharing the news on Twitter, the official Greggs account wrote: “Yep, you heard us right, now loads of Greggs shops are open even later. And what’s more, there’s new pizzas and hot desserts, as well as your usual favourites.”

To help out, Greggs have also made a nifty map to show the closest location that will be open later than 4pm, so you’re never caught short without cheese and onion pasty again. 

In London, there are around six outlets which will be open as late as 11pm. In Manchester, around 11 shops will be open until 11:30pm.

Not only that, but Greggs are also introducing some more hot menu items to help out with the dinner run in the colder evenings. 

There will be new customisable Pizzas, as well as new meal deal bundles with Southern Fried Potato Wedges, Spicy BBQ Chicken Bites, Southern Fried Chicken Goujons or Vegan Southern Fried Chicken-Free Goujons.

If you’re more of a sweet treat person, hot desserts are also coming to Greggs, with new Hot Yum Yum’s available too. 

Fans on social media went wild for the new announcement, with one responding: “Greggs for dinner every night,” while another said: “That’s tea sorted. Save on the electricity the dishwasher requires.”

In September, Greggs ushered in their autumn menu with six new delectable dishes to keep us warm as the leaves turn.

Returning to the menu will be the roast chicken and stuffing baguette alongside some other tasty vegan options.

Greggs also reintroduced their spicy chicken and red pepper soup. On top of that, the bakery also brought out the vegan version of their popular southern fried chicken goujons.