Eddy's Good News: Infiltration of school portrait day and a great conscious business!

Virgin Radio

6 Oct 2022, 09:16

Credit: Ziggy – Emma Roberts Facebook

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Wednesday 6th October 2022

A pawsome story from here in the UK as a friendly neighbourhood cat sneaks into the school’s student portrait day, gets his photo taken and they send a free copy to his mum!

Say hello to Ziggy, a ginger tom from Flintshire, who loves going to school every day! He saunters into Drury Primary School every day, walks into classes while they’re in session, even takes naps on piles of paperwork on the headmaster’s desk!

He’s there so much that the students and staff look at 4 year old Ziggy as an honorary student ;)

Cut to portrait day for the school kids and 10 and 7-year-olds Meghan and Chloe Roberts had their uniforms cleaned and pressed to look the mutt’s nuts but before they could get in the frame, Ziggy jumped into the photo seat and pulled a regal pose, so the snappers at Tempest Photography just leaned into it. He had his portrait taken, his mum got a copy and the Roberts family even bought an extra photo to put on their mantlepiece next to Meghan and Chloe :)

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: FTHRhood <br>

Heart warming news from here in the UK and another example of a really socially conscious business that started during the pandemic. 

Say hello to 39 year old Jonathan Hurst and his partner Nikita, who started FTHRhood, a clothing brand with a huge heart, in Stockport. Aimed at parents and on a mission to inspire and look out for them, it’s also a great example of how you can turn your life around.

John’s struggles as a parent culminated in a suicide attempt in 2020. But he came through that inspired and within a year he’d launched FTHRhood, selling sustainable clothing from organic, recycled or regenerated materials with designs to spark conversation around parental mental health. They donate 10% of their profits to anti-bullying and mental health charities and are organising local outreach coffee mornings for dads to get them talking, sharing and supporting each other.

I love how there are still good news stories coming out of the pandemic and that’s another to warm your cockles, you’ll find links to FTHRhood above, show them some love mums and dads!

Via: fthrhood.com