Moonage Daydream director says he 'left no stone unturned' in David Bowie documentary

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6 Sep 2022, 08:34

(L-R) Brett Morgen, Moonage Daydream official poster

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Director Brett Morgen, who is at the helm of the new David Bowie documentary, has promised fans that he “left no stone unturned” when making Moonage Daydream.

It is sure to be nerve-wracking making a documentary about one of the most influential musicians in modern times, but Brett Morgan believes he has done Bowie justice with the upcoming Moonage Daydream.

When asked about the pressure he felt to accurately portray the musician onscreen, Morgen exclusively told that he felt like he had done enough research.

He said: “I spent seven years working on this film, it was only supposed to take two years, and ran out of money in year three. And so I just, I had the luxury of just saying, ‘I'm gonna work on this until I feel it's done.’

“So at the end of the day, I've left no stone unturned in my book. So I feel pretty great. But you can't do a film about a legend like David Bowie and be too intimidated. But certainly, a drive to get it right and not f it up.”

Moonage Daydream, which drops on 16th September, will be a documentary film about Bowie that uses previously unreleased footage from the musician’s personal archives, including live concert footage.

It is set to show fans another side to the icon that perhaps they might not have seen before, and Morgen reflected on the things he learned about Bowie when making the documentary that surprised him.

He explained: "When I started the film, I was a fan of David Bowie, but I never really listened to his interviews. And I think the most surprising thing that I found was his generosity; his ability to put himself into challenging situations and to be present at all times.”

Expanding on what he thought will surprise fans when watching Moonage Daydream, the director also added: “I think Bowie is just a big enigma and mystery. And so I think that anytime we listen to Bowie or experienced Bowie, we find something new and revealing.

“I think, one of the great things about Bowie is that he's kind of a canvas that invites us to kind of project onto the best part of it, I think, ultimately, we walk away with a better understanding of ourselves and ways that we can go about our lives.”

Moonage Daydream hits UK cinemas on 16th September.