Domino’s to release 'big brekkie pizza' with Heinz

Virgin Radio

6 Sep 2022, 07:47

Big Brekkie pizza

Credit: Domino's UK

Domino’s is collaborating with Heinz to create the big brekkie pizza topped with bacon, mushrooms, sausage, ketchup or HP sauce.

For a lot of people, pizza for breakfast after a late night sounds like a slice of heaven- and now, Domino’s has come up with the perfect creation to combine the two.

Their new limited edition item lets you get your English fry up and pizza fix all in one with classic toppings such as Cumberland sausage, smoked bacon, mushroom and chunky chopped tomatoes.

You can also get a dollop of Heinz Ketchup or HP sauce on top- because what would a fry up be without them?

The pizza is available now if you fancy testing out this new creation- but we can imagine it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

According to Domino’s, the collaboration with Heinz has been in the works for a more than year to get the toppings just right.

Chloé Schiltz, from Kraft Heinz, said: “Long has the nation debated on whether you put Heinz Tomato Ketchup or HP Sauce on your breakfast, and we can’t wait to find out which of our sauces reigns supreme on Domino’s Big Brekkie pizza.”

The Big Brekkie pizza is now available to order online from your nearest store or through the Domino’s app.

In other food news, Greggs have recently unveiled their autumn menu complete with six delicious new items.

Last week (1st September), the bakery introduced their new menu ready for the new season, complete with two new hot sandwiches- the vegan southern fried chicken baguette and the vegan bean and CheeZe toastie.

On top of that, Greggs will be bringing back their spicy chicken and red pepper soup to warm you up from the 8th September and, from the 15th September, the bakery will also be bringing out a vegan version of their popular southern fried chicken goujons.

They also announced they had brought back their staple autumnal drink- the pumpkin spice latte.