Jennifer Aniston is the same age as Victor Meldrew was and people are losing their minds

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11 Aug 2022, 10:53

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

Ready to have your brain fried? Jennifer Aniston is the same age as moaning legend, One Foot in the Grave's Victor Meldrew when he first burst onto our screens.

This jaw-dropping news comes via Twitter page, Meldrew Point, which lets people know when celebrities reach 19,537 days old, aka 53-and-a-half. Why? Just because.

The Hollywood star is now the same age as the iconic BBC sitcom character played by Richard Wilson when the first episode was aired.

Back in 1990, the One Foot in the Grave started all the way back in 1990 - and so when celebs turn approximately 53-and-a-half, they reach their Meldrew Point.

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

The post reads: "Happy Meldrew Point Day, Jennifer Aniston. She's reached 19,537 days old, matching Richard Wilson's age when episode 1 of One Foot In The Grave was aired on Jan 4, 1990. I don't believe it!"

One person wrote: "Hard to believe they're the same species let alone the same age at that point!!"

Another said: "She looks like she hasn’t aged at all."

A third joked: "Go on then, I'll go for the low hanging fruit... 'I don't believe it!'."

A fourth added: "Would be hilarious to see Aniston play the role in exactly the same way as Richard Wilson, same supporting cast, same storyline and everything!"

Other celebrities to have clocked up the same about of days as the grumpy sitcom star include Dave Grohl, Shaggy, Lucy Liu, Hugh Jackman, Owen Wilson, Brendan Fraser and Will Smith.

Now that's something to be grumpy about.