Eddy's Good News: A year long exhibition for a special story & why did this dog go viral?!

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2 Aug 2022, 09:27

Credit: The Times/ News UK

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Tuesday 2nd August 2022  

Inspiring news from here in the UK as Scotland’s premier design museum plans a fabulous exhibition that we may all be able to get involved with.

Say hello to the V&A Dundee, who are planning a year long exhibition to tell the story of what is probably the most famous fabric pattern in the world: tartan!

The history of this fantastic fabric is unique and fascinating. What started as a way of identifying different families, or clans, evolved into probably the most used fabric pattern on the planet. Once outlawed in England, tartan became part of the British Army uniform and part of the dis-establishment, the chosen fabric for punk bondage trousers in the mid-late seventies.

The V&A have asked to see your tartan story: They want us to email them with pictures of our own tartan stuff, anything from a pair of golf slacks to a Christmas decoration, from a wallet to a handbag, a plate to a pitcher, or a penknife to a broadsword, they want to hear about your tartan thing and you never know, you might end up in this awesome exhibition.

Via: vam.ac.uk

Credit: Lieschen O'Connor- walesonline.com

The sweetest news from the USA as a dog with a birth defect that makes her look constantly surprised gains hundreds of thousands of fans!

Say hello to Belle and her mum Leischen who are from Kansas. Belle is a gorgeous mix of Doberman and red catthehound and has a congenital condition which leaves all the muscles at the top of her head permanently stretched back. This gives her the most hilarious surprised look no matter what emotion she’s feeling and it’s that constantly flabbergasted look that has gained her hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

Belle’s Mum, Lieschen, who’s 38-years-old says, “Belle is extremely sweet and a little goofy…if dogs could laugh, then Belle would laugh a lot”. In actual fact dogs can laugh (I’ve shared with you a good news story about that earlier this year!) and Belle’s wide eyed wonder will certainly make you smile at the very least :)

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org