Martin Compston hints at possible seventh series of Line of Duty

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18 Jul 2022, 08:03

Martin Compston

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Ever since hit BBC drama Line of Duty came to an apparent end at the conclusion of series six, viewers have been clambering for more.

The finale in May 2021 saw the identity of H finally revealed, with the seemingly hapless DSI Ian Buckells being unmasked as the ultimate bent copper. 

However, the combination of a somewhat divisive final episode, and the fact that fans miss seeing the LoD gang on their tellies on a Sunday night, means that a seventh series of the police series would be welcomed with open arms by the majority of viewers. 

And Martin Compston’s recent comments can at least give us all hope that there is a possibility of the return of Jed Mercurio’s police drama.

The actor, who played waistcoat-wearing Detective Inspector Steve Arnott, told The Sun: “We sat down with Jed recently.

“We’ve always taken a year or two between series. This is no different.”

On whether there is more to come from AC-12, Martin said: “We won’t do it for the sake of it. We’ll do it if there’s something to tell.”

Last month, Martin caused a stir on Twitter when he posted a picture of himself at the pub with his LoD castmates, Vicky McClure (who played Kate Fleming), and Adrian Dunbar (who played Ted Hastings). Also at the pub was Jed Mercurio, which caused fans to hope that the team were plotting more episodes.

Martin told The Sun: “It’s amazing knowing people still want us back, especially when colleagues have become my best friends.”

He added: “They and the show really mean a lot to me.”

Speaking on Good Morning Britain in June, Vicky McClure said: “We’d all go back. We adore working with each other. Jed’s writing is phenomenal, we’ve been working together for over 10 years now.”

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!