Aisling Bea forced to wear dressing gown on Jimmy Kimmel Live! after losing her luggage

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23 Jun 2022, 12:39

Aisling Bea on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Credit: ABC

We all know what it’s like to be caught in a wardrobe disaster, but Aisling Bea takes the biscuit after appearing on the US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! In a dressing gown and slippers after an airline lost her luggage. 

The comedian shared various pictures of herself on the show wearing the attire, which she picked up from the hotel she was staying in, and said: “BA lost my luggage but luckily I was able to fashion an outfit for @JimmyKimmelLive from some items in the hotel.

“Just like Maria in The Sound of Music. OBSESSED TO MEET @SeanHayes who was guest-hosting this week. I had an excuse to touch him IRL, what a rush.”

When the This Way Up star walked on stage in her dressing gown and slippers, Hayes quickly dissolved into laughter. 

“What if I didn’t address it?” he said. 

To which Bea replied: “Oh, you have noticed then? That’s awkward.”

She added: “They lost my luggage on the way here. Yeah, from London. I went from London, they cancelled my flight, put me on a flight to Chicago, here, and the bags are just gone.”

Making a joke out of the situation, Bea then pointed to an audience member and said: “Wait now, that’s my top- do you have my luggage?!”

The comedian went on to say: “I’ve been travelling for 22 hours and the thought of trying to find anything…But luckily the hotel had this free dress just lying in the bathroom.”

Bea is currently in the US to promote series two of her comedy This Way Up, which follows a young single Irish woman called Áine (Bea), who lives in London after recovering from a nervous breakdown. 

The series, which originally aired on Channel 4, also stars Sharon Horgan as Áine’s older sister Shona, who is dealing with her own issues after becoming attracted to a female colleague- even though she is engaged to a man. 

Series two of the show aired in 2021, but at the moment there are no plans for a third. While attending the BAFTA TV Awards last month, Bea spoke to about the future of This Way Up

She said: “I don't really know. I'll have to sort of see how the year goes. It was incredibly difficult to make it this time around because of the pandemic. We shot the show in January, and I wrote it all on my own, in my sitting room in lockdown. And it was just a tough physical experience as well.”

You can watch both seasons of This Way Up on All4.