Eddy's Good News: Bartender becomes a hero after saving a girl from the sea and world’s oldest dog!

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28 Apr 2022, 09:06

Credit: Facebook - Ayra with rescuer Tongai Matandirotya – Brass Bell Kalk Bay

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Friday 28th April 2022

Inspiring news from South Africa as a bartender turns instant hero when he sees a child swept into the sea.

Dropping a pint can cause a fight in a lot of pubs, but in this case it was part of a heroic story as we say hello to Tongai, who works behind the bar at a restaurant with a beautiful seaview, near Capetown, overlooking Kalk Bay. It was a calm and lovely day as he looked out across the bay, but things suddenly went south as a rogue wave reared up out of nowhere and swept a couple of tourists who were standing on the dock to admire the view, into the sea. Tongai witnessed one of them was a child so he dropped the beer he was pouring and like a superhero peeling off his clothes on the run, he dived into the sea and scooped out a stricken 8 year old, Arya Van Hilten who was unable to stay afloat and hanging onto her mum for dear life. They were both going down when Tongai reached them, pulled them apart, gave Arya an improvised lifeline in the form of his looped belt and helped the mum and daughter get out and to safety. He was hailed a hero by all onlookers and his boss, proud as punch of his quick thinking barman, gave Tongai a bottle of scotch as a thank you :)

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Gisela Shore/Guinness World Records

An always welcome news pupdate from the USA as we meet the world’s officially oldest dog!

Say woof, or in all honesty more like “yap” to Toby-Keith who is a chihuahua from Florida who’s just celebrated his twenty-first birthday! His Mum, Gisela, was contacted by an animal shelter to tell her about a pup that an old couple felt they couldn’t look after, so she adopted him, his name was Peanut Butter, but she changed it to Toby-Keith and now, twenty one years later, she’s talking the Guinness World Records organisation about his canine milestone. Toby-Keith's best mate is a 28 year old cockatoo called Coco, his favourite thing to eat is turkey and on his birthday he was pampered with a bath, a little gobble of turkey, a pedicure and his absolute favourite thing to do, a car trip!

If you’d like to see the pensioner pooch, there’s a couple of pictures for you right here :)

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org