The Chase’s Anne Hegerty left stunned after discovering she's related to the Queen

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5 Apr 2022, 11:15

(L-R) Anne Hegerty, The Queen

Credit: Rex

It turns out The Governess is more than just an alter ego for Anne Hegerty. 

The Chase star was left speechless during her appearance on ITV’s DNA Journey, which will air tonight (Tuesday 5th April). 

In the episode, Anne stated that she never believed her grandmother’s tales of her lineage, but was soon proven wrong when her very real royal connection was discovered. 

While speaking to a historian in Edinburgh, the TV star was told she is actually the 19th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II herself, and the ties to the monarchy didn’t stop there. 

Anne’s 20 times great grandfather was King Robert the Bruce, otherwise known as King of Scots, who reigned from 1306 until his death in 1329.

The amazing discovery was made during the road trip episode featuring her Chaser co-star Shaun Wallace. 

While clearly sceptical about the truth of her royal family history, Anne was then blown away by the Queen’s name being on her own family tree. 

According to Anne, her grandmother had tried to convince her that there were ties to royalty, but never believed her as the grandparent had been ‘the most tremendous liar’.

On her grandmother, Anne explained: “A romancer life wasn’t exciting enough for her so she’d embroider it a bit, so I always felt that anything granny had to be taken with a pinch of salt’.

Speaking of her grandmother, Anne recently revealed how the Governess character was inspired by women she ‘didn’t like’, one of whom was the stern matriarch. 

In a chat with The Sun, Anne admitted there were two women she grew up with, and didn’t like all that much, who gave her the inspiration for the tough taskmaster on the show. 

According to Anne, her family was ‘very feminist’ and one strict woman she never saw eye-to-eye with was her grandmother, alongside her aunt. 

She explained: “I didn’t get on at all well with my grandmother but I sort of channel her a bit for The Governess.

“It’s her and one of my aunts who I also didn’t get on with. My inspiration is two women I didn’t like. You can make use of women you don’t like.”