Nicolas Cage reveals his love of shortbread in an eye-catching tartan outfit - and we’re not joking

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15 Mar 2022, 12:47

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

No one is in doubt about Nicolas Cage being one of the more oddball characters in Hollywood, but this one really takes the biscuit!

While attending the red carpet at SXSW for his upcoming movie ‘The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent’ in Austin, Texas, Nic arrived in an attention-grabbing red tartan suit and black t-shirt.

The eye-catching look was spotted by everyone else at the event, and one curious member of the press just had to ask for the inspiration behind the incredible outfit. The answer couldn’t be more hilariously ‘Nic Cage’ if it tried. 

The actor explained; “I really like shortbread. And whenever I’m in England I go and get a tin can of shortbread, and I was feeling kinda happy, kinda like I was biting into some shortbread, so tonight I wanted to dress like I was a can of shortbread”.


Obviously fans went wild for the candid shortbread moment, with many people tweeting their amazement at the comments on Twitter. 

One fan wrote: “You see a lot of jokes about Nicholas Cage being crazy & weird, & you just assume it's internet banter, & then this pops up in your feed & smacks you RIGHT IN THE FACE & you realise - it's all true. Nicholas Cage is gloriously insane & I will follow him until the end of my days.”

Another responded: “And this is why we all love Nicholas Cage” while a third joked: “Good morning to Nicolas 'Shortbread' Cage only.”

Nic was on the red carpet promoting his new movie The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent, which will see the actor play a version of himself who is feeling creatively stunted, seriously struggling for cash, and on the verge of quitting the acting game for good.

When Neil Patrick Harris persuades him to accept a tasty $1million to attend the birthday of a super-fan called Javi (played by Pedro Pascal from Narcos), his life takes an unexpected turn.

The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent will hit cinemas on 22nd April.