Ryan Reynolds on how his father's death influenced emotional scene in Netflix movie

Virgin Radio

9 Mar 2022, 16:21

Credit: Netflix

Get ready to reach for the tissues. Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has revealed how losing his own dad inspired a scene in his new adventure sci-fi film The Adam Project.

The plot reads: "A time-traveling pilot teams up with his younger self and his late father to come to terms with his past while saving the future."

He told Entertainment Weekly: "There's a line in there that is from my real life, which is that 'boys always come back for their mamas'. And that's very true when my dad passed away.

"I'm one of four boys and it was just like this circling the wagons around my mum. We really all came back for her in a way that I know was incredibly meaningful to her. And to this day she still talks about it."

Director Shawn Levy added: "There are some ideas in the movie that all of us yearn for. Forgiveness of your parents through understanding your parents, and making peace with your former self.

"All of us have been that kid wondering if everything's going to be okay. What a dream that would be. So, this movie got to explore a lot of what I think are like collective human what-ifs."

The Adam Project is released on Netflix on March 11.