We went for lunch on The Subway Yacht - Here's what happened!

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9 Mar 2022, 15:44

Subway is dipping its toe into the luxury life - and we got a front row seat. 

The fast-food chain has rolled out the red carpet for their very first pop-up restaurant aboard a luxury liner in Canary Wharf, London. 

The floating pop-up will be open to the public for two days, and offers a VIP experience on the top deck of a yacht. The best part? Tickets are absolutely free.

The new venture is to celebrate Subway’s new Meal Deal Millionaire prize draw, where one diner could get one million Subway Reward points, enough to buy 1,000 Footlong sandwiches (around 33 yachts end-to-end!) 

Diners are treated to a complimentary glass of bubbly and hot towels on arrival. There’s then a choice of 8 Subs, and even a service bell for when you require extra assistance…or more subs.  

All aboard the Subway Yacht!

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that a Subway sandwich could be improved with a live DJ set and table service, you’re in luck! 

We were invited down to try out the Subway Yacht before the general public, and it’s certainly a different take on the boring lunch break. 

During our visit, we were welcomed on board by the excitable and chatty yacht crew (fans of Below Deck might recognise the experience!) and from the interior alone, we already felt way more expensive than when we first walked in. 

The first thing we were greeted with was a complimentary glass of fizz, which isn’t the first drink you’d reach for when grabbing a Subway sandwich, but it was certainly welcome when you first step on board. It would almost be rude not to!

The yacht has a stunning view from across Canary Wharf, and a little tour around the boat itself showed the luxury onboard accommodation, set with a cosy queen bed. 

We were then brought upstairs to the main deck, where we enjoyed the scenic City views while listening to chilled Ibiza tunes played by a DJ. It might not sound like a true island experience, but the overall result does let you imagine life sailing along Saint-Tropez - Subway sarnie in one hand, champagne in the other. 

Time to dine

While it’s clear this is a VERY different Subway experience, it’s not just the yacht that’s luxe, but also the lunch choices too. 

There are 8 Subs to choose from, including an Italian BMT, Brie and Plant Patty, and they all come Footlong as standard. 

The table service is one thing, but the Subway Yacht goes the extra mile with decorated table settings, their own napkin rings, and sandwiches that are, literally, served on a silver platter.

Once we made it through a hearty sandwich, stuffed to the brim with ingredients, it was then onto either a packet of crisps or cookie, also served up on a silver platter. Who knew a packet of Walkers could feel so fancy?!

If you’re still in the mood for some food, there’s a personal Subway service bell, ready to be rung when you fancy that second cookie. 

Our verdict 

If you have a taste for the finer things in life, but your wallet doesn’t exactly agree, The Subway Yacht is definitely a way to change up the boring lunchtime routine. 

The visuals of the City, combined with the Ibiza-ready set list and glass of fizz, and you could almost be mistaken for travelling along the water in Santorini or the French Riviera. 

If you fancy trying it out for yourself, The Subway Yacht will be open for dining in London on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th March 2022. Tickets are available here.