Are there more doors or wheels in the world? The debate dividing the internet

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9 Mar 2022, 11:38

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

We all love a good internet debate- who can forget the infamous blue or gold dress that had us all up in arms?

Well, there is a new debate gripping social media, and we can’t quite wrap our heads around it.

This week, Twitter user Ryan Nixon made the innocent mistake of asking his 2,000 followers to help him settle an argument.

Alongside his poll, he wrote: “My mates and I are having the STUPIDEST debate…and I am here for it.

“Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?”

It seems a lot of people have something to say about this because in just 24 hours, the poll generated over 223k responses, with 53.6 per cent believing the correct answer was wheels.

One person even tried to work it out in a complex formula on a piece of paper.

Others took to the comments to argue their case as well, with one person writing: “Doors. Four door cars and trucks nullify themselves. All ships have doors, no wheels. All buildings have doors, no wheels. Doors.”

While another argued: “Who is voting doors??? There’s wheels on everything. I have wheels on my garment rack, makeup storage holder, rubbish bin. It’s definitely wheels.”

A third said: “Wheeled constructions always have doors. Doored structures don't always have wheels. There are substantially more doored structures than wheeled structures.”

Whereas one person replied: “How many suitcases with wheels on have you got in your house? I've got eight. That's 32 wheels just there.”

Obviously, this is a debate that is near impossible to settle, and both sides make very convincing points. What do you think?

We’re leaning toward doors.

But now that you mention it, a lot of things do have wheels…