Death In Paradise: Shantol Jackson struggled to say goodbye to co-star Josephine Jobert

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9 Mar 2022, 11:07

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

Josephine Jobert’s departure from Death In Paradise left fans in tears, but it was her co-stars who took it the hardest. 

Just after DI Neville Parker himself, Ralf Little, explained how he was ‘devastated’ by losing Josephine, who played DS Florence Cassell, now Shantol Jackson has revealed how she almost couldn’t say goodbye at all. 

Shantol’s character Naomi Thomas has stepped into the Detective Sergeant role left behind by Florence, and the two stars had a close friendship off-screen too. 

Speaking to Hello! Magazine, Shantol explained: “Her last day on set was actually a scene that we did together and it was actually a retake.

"I remember how excited she was that her last scene was a scene with both of us, we were both so happy, but it was also bittersweet. I remember at the end, the producers came up and did a lovely speech. But I just couldn't look at her.

"She was going around hugging everyone and I said, 'No, leave me alone,' because I knew I was going into a scene after that and my eyes were already tearing up.”

Shantol added that she knew she would break down once Josephine came close to her, and added: “It would take some time for me to come back from that. I just said to her, 'Leave me alone. I'll see you later. We'll do this another time.' But when we said our proper goodbye, I was bawling."

It comes after lead star Ralf spoke about his emotions at Josephine departing from Saint Marie. 

He told the publication: “Obviously, I was devastated to see her go and if she wants to come back for a reunion episode, that would be fantastic.”

On his relationship with his co-star, Ralf continued: “Josie's a touch of class, a wonderful actor, charming, wonderful in the character and generally people have liked my stint at the helm of this show, I hope, but I think I was very very lucky to have Josie and for Neville to have that relationship with Florence."

Despite the sad news of Josephine’s exit, Death In Paradise fans have something to look forward to.

It might only be March, but plans are already in the works for a brand new Christmas special!