Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan to team up for ‘I Am Legend’ sequel

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7 Mar 2022, 10:45

Credit: Warner Bros and Getty

Credit: Warner Bros and Getty

Will Smith will be returning to his role as Robert Neville for an I Am Legend sequel for Warner Bros., and he has recruited the help of Marvel star Michael B Jordan who will also star in the film.

The pair will also be producing the sequel, according to Deadline, and Akiva Goldsman, who adapted the script for the original 2007 movie from Richard Matheson’s novel of the same name, will be returning to write the screenplay.

Francis Lawrence, who was also responsible for The Hunger Games, directed the first movie, but it is yet to be announced who will be in charge of the I Am Legend sequel.

News about the new film was confirmed by Smith himself, who shared a picture of a scene from the original movie on Instagram with no caption.

Of course, the comments were full of fans sharing their excitement for what is next to come in the I Am Legend franchise.

One person wrote: “No way!!!! Yesssss! I am Legend”.

Another said: “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!”

A third replied: “I love the first so much, excited for this”.

The first film was hugely popular and grossed nearly $590 million worldwide, so it’s no surprise people are excited for a new one.

For those of you who haven’t seen the first film, it centres around a New York scientist called Robert Neville, who ends up being the last human survivor after a disease rips through society and transforms humans into zombie-like mutants called Darkseeker.

After discovering he is immune to the disease, Dr Neville makes it his mission to reverse the effects of the human-made virus by using his own blood.

Michael B Jordan is probably best known for his starring role in the hit Marvel film Black Panther as villain Erik Killmonger.

It’s not yet known what his role will be in the I Am Legend sequel, but whatever it is, we’re excited.