Winnie The Pooh breaks the internet and leaves Twitter 'howling' with laughter after entering public domain

Virgin Radio

4 Jan 2022, 12:44

Bear with us. A tweet about the infamous cuddly character has blown people's minds after the news Pooh is now in the 'public domain'. So what does this mean for the A.A. Milne icon? Well, now anyone is 'free to share those works — or to create derivative works based on the original without the author’s permission'.

Which means we could now see Pooh anywhere and everywhere without any backlash. But there's one small detail that you must remember — and this has been captured poetically by Twitter user and writer Tim X Price. 

He wrote on social media and captured the imagination of the public racking up an ever-increasing 24.6k shares and 144.6k likes.

His words of hilarious wisdom included: "Please note that Disney’s depiction of Winnie the Pooh is still under copyright. It’s the character from the books that entered the public domain. Red shirt on the bear, artists beware. If nude he be, your Pooh is free."

Twitter users commented in their thousands, with people applauding the helpful rhyme: "The last line in this has given me the best giggles today."

Another added: "Howling at this last line, I needed this today."

A third penned: "Help, I can't stop laughing."

One user commented: This is some GREAT advice with a GREAT pneumonic."

Another joked: "This will live rent free in my mind forever."