Don’t have Spotify Wrapped? You can still listen to your year in music

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2 Dec 2021, 10:25

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Credit: Getty

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, where Spotify users take to social media to share their most-played songs, artists and music genres from the past 365 days, but what if you use a different streaming platform? 

Finding out how they listened to music over the past year has become somewhat of a tradition for music lovers since the streaming giant launched its campaign ‘Spotify Wrapped’ in 2015. 

The campaign offers listeners an Instagram-worthy slideshow of statistics on who and what they listened to, as well as the amount of minutes they spent listening, their top genre, and, this year, the aura of their music over the last 12 months. 

Many take to social media to share their results, and if you don’t have Spotify, it can feel like a party you were not invited to. 

But, fear not, you can still see your music year in review if you use a different streaming platform, and we’re going to tell you how: 

Apple Music

The next most popular streaming service after Spotify is probably Apple Music, with around 60 million paying subscribers. 

They also offer something called Apple Music Replay, which allows listeners to see their most-played songs, albums, artists and, like Spotify, generates a playlist of their top songs of the year. 

Unlike Spotify Wrapped, you can access your Apple Replay at any point in the year, but it’s still interesting to see how your listening habits changes over time. 

To find your Apple Replay, all you have to do is open the app, scroll down to the bottom of the Listen Now page, and your 2021 Replay playlist will be there. 

If you want more information and statistics, like how many minutes you listened, you will have to use your desktop and go to There you can sign in with your Apple ID and click Get Your Replay Mix. 


In 2016 the streaming platform claimed it had over 3 million subscribers, although the validity of this has been questioned, and Tidal appears to be the least popular of the streaming platforms. 

That said, they still provide their own version of Spotify Wrapped, called My 2021 Rewind. Much like the other campaigns, it reviews your most listened to songs and artists of the year in a playlist. Tidal also creates a shareable graphic for social media so you can get involved with the hype. 

To get your hands on your personalised playlist, head to the Tidal app or homepage on your desktop, and it should appear under the name ‘My 2021 Rewind’.


Now, this might not seem like the most obvious way of listening to music, but according to a YouGov poll this year, 44% of Americans use YouTube to stream their tunes, while only 27% use Spotify. 

Good news for YouTube users, the platform does its own version of Wrapped called Music Year in Review. Listeners are given a playlist of their most-streamed songs. However, unlike Spotify users, they don’t get as many statistics into how long they listened or how many times they listened to a song. 

Like Apple Music, Year in Review updates continuously over the year so you can keep checking in. 

You can find your playlist by going to the homepage of the YouTube app, and it should appear with the title 'My 2021 Year in Review', which you can then save. 

For now, they are the only streaming platforms that offer a yearly music review. 

What songs made your top 10 this year?