There’s a Christmas theme park called Santa Claus Land

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29 Oct 2021, 09:36

<em>Credit: Getty</em>

We all know someone who wishes it was Christmas every day – that friend who puts the decorations up in October, before we’ve had Halloween.

They would be in heaven at America’s Christmas themed park.

It’s deep in America’s Midwest, and you can find it in Santa Claus Town. No, we didn’t make that up, it’s in Indiana.

Fans of the park claim it was America’s first theme park, after it was opened in 1946 by a man called Louis J. Koch.

He had the genius idea for the Christmas themed attraction when he realised that children were visiting the town and were upset that they hadn’t met Father Christmas, because of the town’s name. 

The attraction opened 75 years ago witha toy shop, toy displays, a restaurant, themed children’s rides, and Santa.

More rides were added as the decades continued, and it ended up broadening into other holidays too.

There’s something there for fans of Halloween, the 4th of July and Thanksgiving, and the name of the park changed to Holiday World.

There’s also a water park too and several rollercoasters.

Their wooden rollercoaster, called Raven, regularly tops the list when it comes to the world’s best wooden rollercoasters.

Despite adding Halloween and Thanksgiving, Christmas is still the main attraction for many. Where else could you go and get your festive fix in July? 

Because it’s Christmas all year round and the sun is probably shining in the United States, the park also offers free sunscreen to guests as well as unlimited soft drinks. 

The festive rides include Comet's Rockets, Dancer's Fish, Dasher's Seahorses, Prancer's Merry-Go -Round, Reindeer Games and Rudolph's Round-up.  

Who says Christmas snacks are only for December?

Fans can sink their teeth into Christmas cookies, festive flurries and sweet dipped apples and cocoa. 

Next to the theme park is Lake Rudolph Campground with its Rudolph Christmas Cabins and Holiday Cottages if people want to make their trip last a little longer.

Inspired by the success of the Christmas theme park, the town soon added more Santa Claus themed attractions. 

In the town itself there’s now a Santa Claus Museum, the Santa Claus Post Office, the Santa Claus Christmas store and Christmas Lake Golf Course.

Needless to say, kids are no longer disappointed when they visit Santa Claus town.