A TikTok user’s ketchup hack has divided the internet 

Virgin Radio

2 Jul 2021, 14:25

TikTok is often an excellent source for life hacks, and now one user is attempting to make it an excellent source for sauce hacks. If you ever have a hard time getting to foil off the top of a ketchup bottle, then you might want to pay attention to this. 

A condiment enthusiast has made a short clip which shows TikTok users an alternative way of accessing the ketchup from a new bottle, without having to peel the foil away. It turns out that all you need is the lid of the bottle. 

In the very short video, TikToker damien.official simply removes the bottle’s cap, and uses the top of it to pierce a hole in the foil. This creates a perfectly-sized gap for the ketchup to escape when the lid is replaced and the bottle is given a squeeze. 

The video has been viewed a bonkers 9 million times, with some people expressing how impressed they were by this simple hack. One commenter described it as, “life-changing,” while another said, “MIND BLOWN.”

However, it’s safe to say that a lot of people were somewhat less impressed. Many people questioned why the video stops before we see the result of the “hack”, while others have asked whether it really is that difficult to just peel the foil off the bottle in the first place.

One commenter said, “Did you not show the result because it didn’t work?”

Another wrote, “Doesn’t work, I tried it on my new bottle.”

Elsewhere, someone said what most of us were probably thinking, “Not what it’s for and also: is it really that hard just to remove it?”