Holby City apologises to fans for big blunder in last week's episode

Virgin Radio

22 Jun 2021, 16:14

Viewers are too sharp these days. Holby City has said sorry to fans for Jeong-Soo Han recommending the wrong medication for a diabetes sufferer in a recent episode. F1 doctor Jeong was seen onscreen telling a patient she was "hyperglycaemic" and needed glucose - much to the dismay of the medically-minded audience. 

Viewers spotted the mistake and jumped on social media to correct the writers highlighting that a glucagon injection is the recommended treatment for a 'hypo' sufferer where blood sugar levels are too low - not too high.

In a statement, the BBC One soap said: "Thank you to everyone who got in touch about our error on last week's #HolbyCity where a patient was administered the wrong medicine for diabetes.

"We are actively taking measures to correct the error before any further broadcast of the episode."

Fans commented: "These things happen, it would have been easy for Holby City produces to have ignored the feedback."

Another wrote: "You could have used this to show the misconceptions! Especially amping those who do not understand. This junior Dr made a mistake, you could have used this to educate not on medical staff but the wider community. Although your researchers messed up you should have used it as a story line about junior doctors being asked to do so much and making errors!"

One penned: "I knew there was a reason why I was confused by the episode!"

Diab-olical? Or all in a day's work?