Here's Salma Hayek chilling out with her pet owl on her head

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22 Jun 2021, 15:05

Think you've seen it all? Not until now. Take a look at movie star Salma Hayek watching TV together with her pet owl perched on her Hollywood hair. The new Marvel actress gave rescue bird Kering to her husband François-Henri Pinault as a Valentine's Day present two years ago - and it sounds like she's been nesting on her head ever since. 

Salma - who was recently unveiled as a star of The Eternals - said: “I have a lot of fun watching TV with Kering. She flies around the room and sometimes she lands on my head or she lands on the TV.


Credit: Instagram

"She doesn’t really care what we watch, but this has gone on for a couple of years now. We’ll watch anything together.”

The new Marvel superhero also meditates with the white-faced owl on her head as she helps her find 'inner peace' by practising the art with the owl 'very, very often'.

She told People: "The minute I go deep into meditation, she stays super still."

The duo share meals, watch television and even sleep in the same room when her husband is away. 

Her husband told her after she gifted him the bird: "Thank you, but I know this is your own present for yourself."

Salma continued: "Just being in the same room, there's an energy to it and it is mesmerising.

"Even though owls don't drink liquids because they take everything from their prey, she likes good wine, this one.

"Sometimes, when she is really close to me, I can feel her rubbing against me, which is really nice. And I feel so blessed."

The star recently admitted to Ellen that the owl had 'sat on Harry Styles’ head and coughed up a hairball on top of him'.

She's probably not the only bird to have done that.