Fans call for Stephen Graham and Sean Bean to win awards after traumatic Time finale

Virgin Radio

21 Jun 2021, 11:33

SPOILER ALERT: What a tear-jerker that was. Time was called on Time last night as the finale aired on BBC One with viewers desperate for Stephen Graham and Sean Bean to be showered in acting accolades following their emotionally-charged roles.

The series written by Jimmy McGovern ended with a bang - and with prison officer Eric McNally (Stephen Graham) being banged up after being blackmailed into smuggling drugs into the prison in order to protect his elsewhere-imprisoned son. 

There wasn't a dry eye in the Twitter house as the tables turned and former inmate Mark (Sean Bean) was released from prison two years early following a brutal snooker ball in a sock battering and it was prisoner pal Kav who came to his rescue.

There were more tears when Mark met up with the widow of the man he killed and managed to get a form of peace after she said she'd try to forgive him. 

Viewers loved the twisted conclusion and jumped on Twitter to rave about the acting and series.

One fan wrote: "Sean Bean, Stephen Graham, Jimmy McGovern and everyone involved in #Time deserve every award going."

Another added: "Just finished #Time. Sean Bean and Stephen Graham deserve all the trophies, medals and awards going. Jimmy McGovern is a genius. Not sure I'll ever stop sobbing. Harrowing, emotional and brilliant."

A third gushed: "All the awards due for all involved in the #BBC three-part drama #Time, especially for the central mesmerising performances by Sean Bean and Stephen Graham".

One viewer commented: "How good was #Time? Hopefully we get series 2 of @StephenGraham73 experiences."

Another agreed: "Definitely a second series in that."